Cities of Turkey
KAHRAMANMARAS - Kahramanmaras is located on the intersection point of Mediterranean, Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia regions. Southwest side of the city is covered by...
Sea Tourism
SEA TURTLES - There are seven different species of sea turtles found in the world. Except for the periods when females lay eggs in the sands of beaches, all of their lives pass in...
Turkish Cuisine
EMPIRE KITCHEN - Ottomans elaborated and refined the culinary traditions of the entire Eastern Mediterranean region to create one of the world's greatest, and most...
Nature Tourism
BIOLOGICAL VARIETY OF TURKEY - Having extraordinary beauties, Turkey has a wide variety of fauna and flora. As Turkey has suitable ecological characteristics in terms of...
Turkish Architecture
Turkish Architecture has an important place not only in Eastern and Islamic but, also in the world architecture history. Research shows that development of Turkish architecture was...
Entertainment and Shopping
The entertainment and shopping concepts and habits have rapidly changed from old days to today. Turkey is a country having the characteristics of being one of the most significant...
Tourism Types
CAMPING AND CARAVAN TOURISM - You may find the holiday environment you desire among uncorrupted natural beauties, culture history and friendly people in the camps in...
Sport Tourism
UNDERWATER DIVING TOURISM - It is so delightful to dive into the blue deeps and explore this wonderful world. Turkey has many opportunities for equipped and...
Did you know that ?
The First Written Agreement of the World !
The global call of the sultan of the hearts !
The first parchment paper, the first notebook and the first book
Veni, Vidi, Vici !
The longest stone bridge in the world !
Turkish coffee !